Taking it One Step Closer to Achieving a Zero Waste Environment!  

Compost Accelerator CA-Series provides on-site reduction of food waste volume up to 90% - creating an organic nitrogen rich biomass that can be used as a soil amender in gardens, urban farms, organic farms, nurseries, or as a nitrogen rich feed stock for compost programs; diverting 100% of organic waste from landfills and contributing to a “Closed Nutrient Cycle”. Solutions for Commercial Food Waste Disposal, Organic Diversion Programs and Food Waste Diversion.


LED Touch Screen interface with 4 digit password protection prevents unauthorized operation

Interior chamber rapidly converts food waste. Process is complete in 12-24 hours.

Reusable sterilized organic nitrogen rich soil
amender is easily removed from the bottom container.

Food Waste
According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, food waste is the single-largest component of the Municipal Solid Waste stream by weight in the United States. Food waste includes uneaten food and food preparation scraps from residences or households, commercial establishments like restaurants, institutional sources like school cafeterias and industrial sources like factory lunchrooms. With over 97% of food waste ending up in landfills.

The Environmental Impact
The anaerobic decomposition of food and other organic waste in landfills produces methane (CH4) which is a greenhouse gas 21 times more damaging to the environment than carbon dioxide (C02). According to the U.S. EPA, landfills are the third largest human-related source of methane in the United States, accounting for 18% of all methane emissions.


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