Taking it One Step Closer to Achieving a Zero Waste Environment!  

Foam Thermal Densifier System  

Recycles polystyrene foam, reducing waste volume by 95%, offers immediate and substantial savings on waste collection fees, 100% landfill diversion recycling solution as well as impacting CO2 carbon dioxide emissions for reduced waste hauling.

StyroGenie SG-1200 is a low cost, thermal densification machine that reverses the foam manufacturing process by removing the air and returning it to a liquid resin. The resin is then cooled and formed into small briquettes that are easily recycled then set aside for collection and sent to a processor for recycling or resource recovery. ETL Listed to UL 499


Tap & Stack SmartCart is used for polystyrene tray collection.

We offer several Innovative Source Separation Waste Collection Systems


LED Touch Screen Command Center with security pass code to begin operation.

Briquettes are collected in two bottom trays. Up to 1800 soiled trays are easily loaded through a large forward facing door. Briquette below represents over 600 polystyrene trays.

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StyroGenie Spec Sheet