Taking it One Step Closer to Achieving a Zero Waste Environment!

Compost Accelerator CA-Series provides on site reduction of food waste volume up to 90% - creating an organic nitrogen rich biomass that can be used as a soil amender in gardens, urban farms, organic farms, nurseries or as a nitrogen rich feed stock for compost programs; diverting 100% of organic waste from landfills and contributing to a “Closed Nutrient Cycle”.Solutions for Commercial Food Waste Disposal, Organic Diversion Programs and Food Waste Diversion.

Foam Thermal Densifier System

StyroGenie SG-1200 recycles polystyrene foam, reducing waste volume by 95% and 100% landfill diversion recycling solution.
Foodservice Sustainability Solutions offers visionary solutions to achieve a Zero Waste environment in any institution. Our mission is to provide the highest quality, most innovative products and solutions that protect the environment, empower our customers and benefit their communities.

Foam and Food Waste Reduction and Recycling Program Benefits

95% on site reduction of foam and food waste volume
Over 70% reduction in waste removal costs
100% foam and food waste diversion from landfill
100% recycling of foam and food waste
Quantitative CO2/GHG reductions
Foster learning and awareness
Community stewardship
Keep money in programs / Investment in our future

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